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Roses – not as difficult as you think

Ever wanted to grow a rose?

Too many should and should-nots can put us off altogether but the result is well worth the effort.

We can be told our soil isn’t right, pH needs to exact, not enough sun, too much humidity, use proper fertilisers, must spray every two weeks.

Does it need to be this complicated and time-consuming? Simple answer, no.

Roses can be planted in to any soil but will be happiest with good drainage and nutrient rich soil.

These factors can be overcome by applying the best soil conditioners and biological nutrition.

Whether planting bare-root or potted roses it is important to not use nitrate rich manures or fertilisers as this can burn new fresh roots and encourage weak growth susceptible to fungus and insect damage.

Simply by mixing Garden Mate in to the bottom of the planting hole and a handful of Flower Blend around the top will give the roses the best chance to establish in any soils or conditions.

Then by feeding with Flower Blend every 3-4 months the roses will work with the beneficial biology to create the perfect conditions around their roots, conditioning the subsoil for drainage and maximising nutrient availability.

The roses will start to be able to strengthen through proper nutrition and then be able to defend themselves.

Issues like the dreaded Black Spot start to disappear, less aphids appear on the buds, less white louse scale on the stems and then they start producing better blooms, more perfume and a plant to make us truly proud.

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