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Growing Acid-loving plants in a neutral soil?

Did you know you can grow “Acid-loving” plants without adding the acid? In a neutral soil?

Yes! FLOWER BLEND is the answer.

For the last 50 years or so we have been led to believe that plants such as Blueberries and Rhododendrons need highly acidic soil to grow in.

Little known facts are that while Blueberries grow naturally in acidic peat bogs, they will happily grow in a pH range from 2.7 up to 7.5. Yes, up to 7.5!
And also that Rhododendrons grow naturally in shallow Limestone soils. Yes Limestone!

So why are we told they NEED acidic conditions? Generally because this advice is based around the sole use of water-soluble chemical fertilisers, whose availability are directly dictated by pH parameters.

FLOWER BLEND contains only 5% water-soluble fertiliser. Its secret is the combination of natural rock minerals and organic matter that are not water-soluble and actually create a pool of nutrients around the plants.

FLOWER BLENDs other little trick is that it also contains a broad spectrum of beneficial microbes. The plants will communicate with some of these microbes to access what elements they need by releasing compounds from their root system.

These compounds feed, stimulate and communicate with the microbes signalling what they need, allowing the plant to then feed naturally from these microbes and their interactions in the soil, rather than being chemically dependent. Some of these compounds can also alter the pH of the soil directly around their roots to aid in and assist the microbial interactions.

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