About Earthlife

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The beginning of Earthlife in 1996 was for me, a culmination of a lifelong passion for the land and soil improvement that started from my childhood growing up on a dairy farm. This company realises the ultimately very simple and effective solution to all issues of soil quality, that have tested the resilience of the agricultural industry for many years. Mineral depletion and particularly trace mineral depletion was identified as a major problem affecting the quality of soils. The US Senate Report 264 and The Earth Summit Report identified a decline in mineral content of soils in the order of 55 to 85%. The other critical issue was improving the water holding capacity of soils in order to improve quality and agricultural yields.

Earthlife embarked on an extensive research and development program involving expert soil scientists and microbiologists, conducted exhaustive field trials employing various materials and technologies to develop their comprehensive range of products that significantly improve water retention and mineral balance in affected soils. The range of products has been tested for home gardeners, horticulture and broad acre applications.

I am very proud to be part of the Earthlife journey and its achievements in developing products that address and improve both soil quality as well as important environmental issues.
We welcome you to join us on this journey.

Happy gardening….
Colin Purnell