Praises & Testimonials

My wife and I will vouch that your product Garden Mate works very well. The fruit on our persimmon tree would only grow to a certain size then drop off before they were ripe. After applying your product the persimmons grow and ripen beautifully. There is only one problem… the crows are eating them!!!

Ron Griffiths, Brisbane

The area where I applied Earthlife products has shown a remarkable difference. This area has set a new flush during cold, dry weather conditions. The rest of the orchard has not even moved.

Quebec Ochards, Munduberra

Our hockey fields are the best they have ever looked. We started applying Earthlife’s Lawn Blend in place of our usual fertiliser 6 months ago. What a difference…

Hervey Bay Hockey Club

I have been impressed with Earthlife’s technical and back-up support network.

Mathew Finnigan, Wondai

Our trees have performed since taking on board your Earthlife soil program. The compounding effect has been in soil moisture retention, hence the appearance of worms in the soil and the trees outgrowing the toxicity problem that existed. Most noticeable this fruit picking season, has been the uniformity in size of the fruit and the flavour. We would wholeheartedly recommend your product to anyone wishing to improve their farming technique.

Ernie Martin, Upper Flagstone Creek

Jul-1999 Earthlife’s soil enhancement system has greatly improved the structure of my heavy, hard, black soil blocks resulting in them being easier to work and being far more friable when wet. The other notable fact is the improved infiltration rate when irrigating. Jul-2000 Earthlife products have changed my worst producing cotton block into the highest yielding block this year. Feb-2002 I’m amazed, 13 t/ha of sorghum (5.26 t/ac) during one of the hottest summers.

Nick Adamson, Ellerby, Leyburn

I have been using Garden Mate for just over 8 months. I have been waiting years for a product like this, so easy to use.

Judy Young, Paddington

I had a large tree removed from the front garden and as the soil is very clayey, the nurseries suggested to use compost. I did this with limited success and was sure the soil needed something more. I rang DPI and they suggested I ring a garden supply firm. I contacted Steve Jones Home Hardware & Garden Supplies and he suggested to use Garden Mate. I bought the product and gave the garden its first dose of Garden Mate and turned the lumpy, clayey soil over. A fortnight later, I turned the soil and found that indeed, it was a lot softer (less lumps). With spring not far away I repeated the application of Garden Mate. Two weeks later when I turned the soil again there were no lumps at all and it was quite loamy. My wife planted the garden and all the plants have flourished. The soil is still as loamy as you could wish for. Garden Mate has certainly lived up to its name. Good luck and may Garden Mate make other frustrated gardeners with problem soil, happy.

Jack Kinnon, Carseldine, Brisbane

Garden Delight and sandy soils are a perfect match. I have flowering peach trees that have been very ‘sad’ looking and generally lack of health and vigour due to the sandy soils they are growing in. After only 2 applications of Garden Delight these trees have improved to have the best flowering season and have coped with the heat of summer. Overall the general appearance of these trees has improved in a very short period of time. I applied 4 generous handfuls per tree and am repeating this application rate every 8 weeks. i am noticing that I do not need to water as much as the soil is retaining the moisture better. I would recommend this product to anyone with sandy soils!

Sandra McIntyre, Tanilba Bay

I’m a commercial rose grower and I graft roses and usually get 1-2 shoots per graft. Since using your products Garden Mate and Garden Delight I have been achieving 3-4 shoots which is just incredible. The quality of the rose buds are very impressive. I have been telling everyone about your products.

Peter Lavin, Nanango

Since applying your Soil Enhancement System the increased water infiltration has been very noticeable. Even during the Jan – Feb heat wave our sorghum crop held on very well to yield 4.12 ton/ha.

Matt Devine, Roseleigh, Clifton

After hiring an aerator recently, the Ipswich Council used Earthlife garden products and they were surprised how the soil, gardens and lawns responded so well. They came back and said they want to do more. They have flowers flowering earlier. Even during the cold days they have had, not a day over 18 degrees and even the camellias are flowering.

Norm Walker, Ipswich Town and Country, Ipswich

Lawn blend is one of the best lawn fertilisers I’ve ever seen.

Evan, Torrington Landscapes

I have a big tree in the back yard that shades a large area. It has always been an eyesore till now as the grass had never grown under this tree. What a difference Garden Mate has made from dirt to lawn in one season. Even the Camilla’s are loving it.

J Richards, Camp Hill

Earthlife Minerals has made such a difference in my small crops, that I would spread it fence to fence, if I had the money.

Doug Ziebarth, Laidley

Having seen how Earthlife products helped our older trees, we planted 286 young trees with the complete Earthlife system and they have performed brilliantly. Last year at 36 months they yielded 5 – 6 trays per tree, this harvest (2002) they have yielded 3,984 trays with all the fruit in the 18 – 22 size. It has been a very tough year weather wise and my neighbours and industry are generally picking fruit sized 28 – 30. I whole-heartedly recommend your system to anyone wishing to improve their farming technique.

Ernie Martin, Upper Flagstone Creek

Your sorghum crop recommendation has resulted in a short fallow achieving the same yield as the long fallow. (In our opinion, far better use of stored soil moisture). Since double cropping into barley we have been surprised by the softness of the soil and the fact that there were no wheel tracks in the emerging crop.

Woongabeena, Dalby

I started using Earthlife’s Soil Enhancement System during the 2002 season. Until then I had always struggled to achieve a pallet of No 23 Nectarines. The 2003 harvest has yielded 5 pallets of No 23 and I even had to grade out No 16’s. Earthlife products have given my orchard a new lease of life.

Geoff Prior, Sunred Orchards

Your products have enabled my worst paddock that was hard to plough (2” deep) is now much easier to plough (4” – 6” deep, no worries). Crops are looking healthier and appear to handle stress a lot better.

Trevor Fritz, Homehill, Boodua

The areas where I applied Earthlife’s soil enhancement system and then planted straight into are not showing any signs of stress (minimal – no yellowing) even though the crop has endured continued wet and water logged conditions for over 6 weeks.

Evan Horton, Tara