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Earthlife makes gardening simple. Healthier soil, healthier plants, less insects, less disease.

“Soil quality is inextricably linked to everything else we can imagine – to air and water purity, climate change, food production, nutrition, health, and our global imperative to correct the strain we have placed on the environment.”

Colin Purnell

Earthlife General Manager

Earthlife puts nature back in our gardens

          The challenge we all face as gardeners is to try and grow gardens in tired, depleted lifeless soils. It doesn’t matter if it’s sandy, clayey, rocky or silty, if there is no life in the soil then the plants will always be dependent on us to keep them alive and we will always be a slave to our gardens.

          Nature has provided a perfect example of low-maintenance gardening by being able to grow complete forests for thousands of years without having people running around with bags of fertilisers, wetting agents and spray bottles full of chemicals.

          As gardeners we are encouraged to add chemical fertilisers and animal wastes to grow our gardens but nowhere in nature do plants grow naturally on the synthetic water-soluble chemical compounds we commonly label as fertiliser, nor do they grow in concentrated animal waste products.

          The aim then is for gardeners to be able to restore soils, however poor, to their healthy, dynamic natural conditions so our plants can grow as nature intended.

          This can easily be accomplished with the addition of Earthlifes biologically enhanced volcanic-based rock minerals and composted humates which will improve soil structure, drainage, water-holding capacity and in-turn create a pool of nutrients for plants to access what they need, when they need it.

          We can let nature be our gardener, minimising both our time, effort and precious water normally used just to keep our gardens alive.


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Praises & Testimonials

As an Australian owned company based in Toowoomba QLD we are always very humbled by the overwhelming feedback of amazing results our products have helped people achieve!

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Zoe ArvidsonZoe Arvidson
05:14 10 Mar 22
Thank you Earthlife for your amazing support of our event the 3rd Annual Baroque & Distinctive Breeds Festival.Amazing company to deal with and super supportive of the industry.
Simon McknightSimon Mcknight
10:00 07 Feb 22
These products have transformed my soil from sold, hard clay to dark worm filled garden ready and food ready soil. I am amazed I have to say. Just amazing.
Darryl RussellDarryl Russell
08:34 28 Aug 19
5 star service &supplies,happy with a smile,cheers Jack, Rembay transport
Chris JonesChris Jones
23:01 15 Apr 16
I had tried many fertilizers and plant boosters. But the Garden Delight leaves them ALL for dead. I had never heard of this brand, but thought what have I to loose. I had very sad looking Camellia's. To my amazement 2 weeks after spreading this product around them, I had new growth. In 6 weeks, there was noticeable thickening. WOW! All my plants were healthier. Everything seems to love it, the grass, the trees, all my shurbs. The soil has worms and looks alot better. I have sand and clay. I love this product. The only down sides are, hard to find the larger bags and alittle pricey. But it's really is worth it in the long run.

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