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Intensive cultivation and erosion caused by wind and water, has caused significant soil degradation that has had an adverse impact in the agriculture arena (Senate Document No. 264, 1936.), which will continue unless addressed. Some of the soil properties that have been lost include organic matter, soil structure, nutrient availability, and populations of micro-fauna and micro-flora have been reduced.


Rising water tables, salt scalds, hard setting soils, reduced water infiltration, increased disease risks and rising insect pressure are all impacting on the health of the crops or pastures that are grown on these soils.

Agriculture in general, has steadily changed the nutrition programs for crops with the use of chemical fertilisers. Plant varieties have continually been selected or genetically engineered to increase their resistance to diseases and insects.

Significant achievements have occurred, but at what cost. Chemical fertilisers have little or no effect on rebuilding the soil structure, organic matter, organic carbon, humus and micro organismsthat has been lost. The selection of plant varieties and genetic engineering of plants is costly and reduces biodiversity which will lead to the total reliance on patent protected plants for our food source.


In the quest for truly sustainable agriculture, Earth Life Pty Ltd in conjunction with an independent Soil Scientist, Crop Consultants, Department of Primary Industries and cooperative growers has developed a “Soil Enhancement System” based on Earthlife Minerals.

Identifying the production problem is the first and most important factor in finding a solution to improve plant production. The agriculture industry has identified declining soil fertility as the biggest problem. Therefore, the answer lies in improving soil fertility – Healthier Soil, Healthier Plants, Healthier Animals, Healthier People. Could it be that simple, after all – you are what you digest.

Earthlife Minerals contain minerals and trace elements that are known to assist in improving soil structure, plant growth and disease resistance. This results in yields being increased due to the improved health of the plant. A range of products based on Earthlife Minerals is manufactured for the broadacre, horticulture and gardening sectors.

Given that each sector has different requirements, a combination of Earthlife products are utilized to best meet the needs for each situation. Understanding individual requirements through soil and leaf testing allows Earth Life Pty Ltd to manufacture “Special Blends” to provide appropriate solutions.


Earthlife Minerals has specific advantages in that it can address several of the above soil or plant problems before, or during the cropping cycle while providing beneficial micro flora that enhance nutrient availability to the plants.

Other benefits of Earthlife Minerals include the ability to increase root structure, improve soil moisture retention and enhance utilisation of applied fertiliser. By improving the root structure of plants, their ability to access nutrient is increased and they are more able to withstand adverse conditions.

After the cropping cycle, the enlarged root structures promote higher organic matter levels in the soil profile, which in turn enhances the nutrient and moisture holding ability of the soil. This is achieved by the increased activity of the micro-fauna and micro-flora in breaking down the higher levels of organic material in conjunction with the minerals and trace elements supplied by the Earthlife Minerals.

In trials, where crops and pastures were grown utilising Earthlife’s Soil Enhancement System in combination with artificial fertiliser programs, they have demonstrated greater responses than those grown with artificial fertiliser only (read grower testimonials). When broadcast, the Earthlife Minerals disperse into the soil under the influence of rain, irrigation or cultivation.

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