Break Down Plus


A non toxic natural bacterial enzyme based product to accelerate the breakdown of dead and decaying materials, such as crop stubble, compost heaps, lawn or turf thatch, plant or grasses that have been sprayed with a herbicide.


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What it does

Break Down Plus initiates and accelerates the breakdown of organic residue and returns to the soil.

Where and when to use it

Immediate Post Harvest to windrow area

Stubble spread broad acre

Where herbicide has been used

How often to use it

3-4 applications 3-4 weeks apart

As often as necessary to achieve results

Application rate

Windrow Area, Stubble Spread Broad Acre
Apply 1Lt in minimum 100Lt of water per Hectare

Smaller Areas
Mix 5ml in minimum 1Lt of water (approx 50m²)

Water used in application must be pH of range 6.5-7.5 Adjust if necessary before the addition of Break Down Plus

Do NOT use wetting agent

DO NOT mix with Herbicides or other materials

Other important information

  • Works in all weather conditions.
  • Most active in temperatures between 20-40℃
  • Won’t harm living plants
  • Won’t harm live stock
  • Store in a cool dry place, away from direct sunlight
  • Caution: Use of this product may cause an environment that may decrease the viability of seed germination.

Product Fact Sheet

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