Pasture Blend


A conditioner and fertiliser for new or existing pasture, containing Nitrogen, Natural Phosphate, Potassium, Sulphate, Calcium, Magnesium, Iron, Zinc, Copper, Boron, Molybdenum, other trace elements, minerals, plant available silica and beneficial soil microbes.


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Typical analysis of Pasture Blend















Plus 60 other micro nutrients

What it does

Earthlife’s unique blend for Pasture has all the ingredients needed to improve pasture productivity and increase resistance to diseases. This will result in increased yields due to the improved health of the plant and better nutrient uptake.

Pasture Blend will reduce sodium levels in the soil,  increase the friability and adjust the pH similar more effectively than Lime and Gypsum.

Other benefits of Pasture Blend include the ability to increase root structure, improve soil moisture retention and enhance the moisture-nutrient exchange between the root structure of plants. The ability of the plants to access nutrient is increased and they are more able to withstand adverse conditions.

The enlarged root structure promotes higher organic matter in the soil profile, that in turn enhances the nutrient and moisture holding ability of the soil. This is achieved by the increased activity of the micro-fauna and micro-flora in breaking down the higher levels of organic minerals and trace elements of Pasture Blend.

Promotes a healthier, more robust root system and stronger thicker stem growth on all plants. This allows pastures to better withstand adverse conditions.

Provides a more palatable and nutritionally balanced pasture.

Where and when to use it

In all pasture situations where the need for a higher protein and faster regrowth is desirable.

Use when establishing new pasture or top dress over existing pasture. These is mo need to remove stock from treated areas for any period of time.

Pasture Blend top-dressed on pasture after being cut or grazed has consistently demonstrated greater responses that those grown with conventional fertiliser only.

How often to use it

After each cut or graze
As often as required


Application rate

Every 3 months (200-300kg/ha)

After every cut or graze (200-300kg/ha)

Application rates are best determined by a soil test where heavy grazing is expected. Our research has shown an initial rate of 400-500kg/ha with top-dressings of 300kg/ha after 3-4 cut or graze generally improves the pasture productivity. Where intensive continued heavy grazing occurs, ongoing leaf and soil testing is recommended.

Other important information

  • Best to top dress pastures prior to expected growth periods.
  • Provides similar volumes of feed to equivalent rates of Urea or Super Phosphate treatments.
  • Ongoing leaf and soil testing is recommended.
  • For poorly performing pastures, apply Soil Mate before or in conjunction with Pasture Blend.

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