Mighty-Min Horse 2.5lt

$120.00 inc GST


A world class formula developed in Australia to provide your horse with the vital & essential “Trace Minerals” it needs. This balanced mixture has been designed to meet a weekly administration routine whereby the desired level of nutrient is maintained in your horse.

This is also suitable for all other mono-gastric animals (pigs and chooks)

Also available in 5 and 20lt. Please contact us directly for prices.


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What it does

Supplementation of these essential minerals is usually carried out with the addition to the feed of Inorganic Mineral Salts in the form of chlorides, sulfates, nitrates, phosphates and carbonates.

However, the absorption of Inorganic Minerals in the bods of a horse is very low, and excessive amounts of minerals are fed to the horse. These unabsorbed minerals pass out of the horse in faeces and urine. The greater percentage of the administrated minerals and your hard earned money are wasted.

Now with the introduction of Mighty-Min Horse mixture it is possible to solve the problems presented when a horse is given essential trace minerals by the conventional use of Inorganic Minerals.

The Organic Minerals presented in Mighty-Min Horse mixture as Organically Stabilised Minerals may be highly absorbed in a living body  such as the horse, a relativity small amount of Organically Stabilised Minerals when included in your horse’s feed stuff once a week, fulfills the metabolic requirements of Trace Elements.

Essential Trace Minerals provided by the Mighty-Min Horse mixture are stored in various organs (including the liver) of the horse thus creating a valuable reserve which the horse can draw upon as and when the need arises.

Where and when to use it

With your horse’s feed.

How often to use it

Once a week


Application rate

20ml dose

Other Considerations

This preparation contains both Selenium and Copper, both capable of toxic effects.


DO NOT administer at the same time with other preparations that contain Selenium.

DO NOT administer if grazing pasture plants are known to have a high Copper content.

Ensure animals have access to water.

Avoid stress to young or weak animals.

Check drenching gun for accuracy before & during use. Ensure drenching nozzle smoothness.

Other important information

  • COPPER – Part of enzymes involved in energy & Oxygen transport – Haemoglobin & maturation of Red Blood Cells – Bone formation – Tendon & ligament formation & repair – Strength off blood vessel walls.
  • ZINC – Co factor in many enzymes involved in energy metabolism – bone formation – hoof – hair – skin – healing of wounds.
  • IODINE – Production of hormone thyroxine – Controls metabolic rate.
  • VITAMIN B12 – Works with Folic Acid to form Red Blood Cells – Energy metabolism.
  • COBALT – Co factor in enzymes – interacts with Vitamin B12 & Folic Acid in creation of Red Blood Cells.
  • SELENIUM – An essential mineral for horses – Deficient horses have muscle disorders (White muscle disease)
  • MANGANESE – Co factor in enzymes involved in protein, fat & carbohydrate metabolism – involved in cartilage & bone development.
  • MAGNESIUM – Skeletal development – enzymes involved in energy transfer – Transmission of the muscle impluses.

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