Mighty-Min Cattle – Sheep – Goats – Alpacas 2.5lt

$120.00 inc GST

A complex mixture of Organically Protected ESSENTIAL TRACE MINERAL SUPPLEMENTS suitable for all ruminants.

Also available in 5, 20 and 200lt. Please contact us directly for prices


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What it does

Why use Mighty-Min Organically Stabilised Mineral Supplement Mixture?

When animals are showing signs of deficiency, administered promptly, Mighty-Min Mineral Supplement Mixture will aid in the correction if scouring and help improve animal performance.

Mighty-Min Mineral Supplement Mixture’s unique formulation aids in the retention of minerals with Organically Protected trace elements in the animal’s system for a far greater period. Lasting in the liver for up to 82 days.

In the past, and even now a large amount of supplemented trace elements administered to livestock had not been retained in the animal. This has not allowed full value of the trace elements to the animal. Mighty-Min Mineral Supplements mixture by its unique formulation has overcome these problems.

Mighty-Min Mineral Supplements mixture uses quality ORGANIC STABILISATION materials, some in the form of Lignosulphonates and Liquid Kelp to acheive a safe and effective mineral supplement product that can last in the system of the animal for the longest possible time.


Where and when to use it

Best time to use Mighty-Min Mineral Supplement Mixture

  • Before loss of production
  • When you want maximum weight gain & growth
  • When your animals are in their main stress times
  • Change of season or weaning
  • Pre-mating
  • Change of pasture intake


How often to use it

Ease of Administration – cutting time & stress to livestock

You can successfully administer

  • Orally at the recommended dose
  • In the trough or tank using the “Floater Doser”
  • Direct into the water supply line using a WPC manufactured “in line medicator”
  • Manually into the water tank/trough
  • Mixed with supplementary feed




Application rate

Dairy & Beef Cattle

From 1 month to 200kg every 4 weeks – 5ml-20ml

From 200kg to 350kg every 5 weeks – 25ml-35ml

From 350kg and over every 6 weeks – 40ml-50ml

For a more detailed dosing guide refer to Product Fact Sheet

Sheep – Lamb & Hoggets

Every 6 weeks from 5ml-12ml

For a more detailed dosing guide refer to Product Fact Sheet

Other Considerations

DO NOT administer at the same time with other preparations that contain Selenium.

DO NOT administer if grazing pasture contains plants known to have a high Copper content.

Ensure animals have access to water.

Avoid stress to young or weak animals.

Check drenching gun for accuracy before & during use. Ensure drenching nozzle smoothness.

Other important information

  • COPPER – is one of the main promoters of production for weight gain, strength, fleece growth & quality, reproduction & skeletal strength.
    • Deficiency symptoms include: (a) In sheep- Harsh steely wool, scouring, pale skin, infertility, (b) In cattle- Rough coat, loss of condition, loss of natural colour in coat, eg; black coat will show a rust appearance, red coat will show a yellow appearance, scouring and reduced growth weight.


  • ZINC – is an important mineral for fertility and growth of young livestock.
    • Deficiency symptoms include: Poor fertility, slow recycling, poor weight gain in young livestock.


  • IODINE – Directly affects thyroid gland secretions which to a great extent control heart action, nerve response, rate of body growth and metabolism.
    • Deficiency symptoms includePremature and still born calves and lambs.


  • COBALT – Is required in ruminants for the manufacture of Vitamin B12.
    • Deficiency symptoms include: Weight loss, lack of vitality, extremely pale skin in sheep, rough coat in cattle, increased number of “poor doers”.


  • SELENIUM – Deficiency is one of the main causes of what stockmen call “White Muscle Disease”.
    • Deficiency symptoms includeUn-thriftness, pale skin in sheep, weight loss in all stock, drastic decrease in lambing percentages.


  • MANGANESE – Is very important for fertility and reproduction.
    • Deficiency symptoms include: The first signs of deficiency is abnormalities in young calves and lambs, also in decreased conception rates.


  • CALCIUM – Is required for skeletal strength, and is important for milk production.
    • Deficiency symptoms includeMilk fever, tetany.


  • LIQUID KELP – Gives an immediate response and adds extra natural trace elements for the benefit of the animal.

Product Fact Sheet

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