Jack Kinnon, Carseldine, Brisbane

I had a large tree removed from the front garden and as the soil is very clayey, the nurseries suggested to use compost. I did this with limited success and was sure the soil needed something more. I rang DPI and they suggested I ring a garden supply firm. I contacted Steve Jones Home Hardware & Garden Supplies and he suggested to use Garden Mate. I bought the product and gave the garden its first dose of Garden Mate and turned the lumpy, clayey soil over. A fortnight later, I turned the soil and found that indeed, it was a lot softer (less lumps). With spring not far away I repeated the application of Garden Mate. Two weeks later when I turned the soil again there were no lumps at all and it was quite loamy. My wife planted the garden and all the plants have flourished. The soil is still as loamy as you could wish for. Garden Mate has certainly lived up to its name. Good luck and may Garden Mate make other frustrated gardeners with problem soil, happy.