Working with Weeds (book by Kate Wall)

$41.95 inc GST

Where there are people, there are weeds. And where there are weeds, people are trying to get rid of them.

By looking more closely at what weeds are growing, we can learn so much about the conditions in our gardens. When we know our weeds, we can control them effectively, organically, and permanently, allowing us to create far more satisfying gardens.

Some weeds we may even decide to tolerate as we discover how useful they are as food, medicine, habitat or soil improvers. Weeds have something to teach us. They can make us better gardeners, better environmental custodians, and they can make us healthier. All we have to do is look at them a little differently.

This insightful book teaches us to do just that. Kate helps us learn to read the weeds, how to use the weeds, and how to garden without weeds.

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