Garden Testimonials

We look forward to hearing about your Earth Life experience. Visit our contact page and tell us your story. I’m a commercial rose grower and I graft roses and usually get 1-2 shoots per graft. Since using your products Garden Mate and Garden Delight I have been achieving 3-4 shoots which is just incredible. The quality of the rose buds are very impressive. I have been telling everyone about your products.
Peter Lavin, Nanango
I have a big tree in the back yard that shades a large area. It has always been an eyesore till now as the grass had never grown under this tree. What a difference Garden Mate has made from dirt to lawn in one season. Even the Camilla’s are loving it.
J Richards, Camp Hill
I love Garden Delight. As a fanatical collector I have a desire to grow many rare and unusual plants. To my advantage I worked for 17 years in the Nursery & Garden Industry as a professional horticultural salesperson with access to every available fertiliser on the market. Even with this at my disposal I still couldn’t grow everything that I wanted to grow and had to give up on many plants that weren’t technically suited to my soil or climate. Garden Delight has answered my prayers. Having a rock mineral base to condition any soil and utilising composted vegetable matter instead of manures it offers a mineral and nutrient rich smorgasbord for each different plant species to tap into as it requires. I can now grow beautiful veges, natives, roses, tropical and temperate species, all with one product. Garden Delight doesn’t force my plants to grow, it helps to create healthy, biologically and energetically active soils and nutrient-dense plants. It truly is a gardens delight!
Colin Johnson – Professional Horticulturist
I am sustainable gardening educator and gardening consultant. My approach to gardening is to use fewer products, therefore I was hesitant to try a new product. Garden Mate proved to be a wonderful discovery for me. This one product is safe and highly effective in EVERY garden situation and in ALL soil types. Even better it replaces so many other products. I can now help clients to create amazing supercharged gardens which are organic and supporting strong and natural plant growth with just one product. Garden Mate is an amazing soil conditioner, being far more effective than gypsum, lime, dolomite, and negating the need for all other garden additives. With 60 different minerals and 30 different soil microbes, you can be absolutely sure that whatever you are growing,Garden Mate will help to grow it stronger, bigger, more flowers, better flavour. Stronger plants also means less need for pest and disease control. The outcome is a fabulous garden without the need for so many other products. whatever the problem, apply Garden Mate. The bigger the problem, the more you put on, it will do no harm, only more good. No need to be an expert to have a glorious garden!
Kate Wall, Consulting Gardener
I have grown roses for nearly four decades. In my present garden, “Montview” in Killarney, Queensland, there are 470 roses – Old Garden Roses, Heritage Roses and Modern Roses. For the first time last winter, I applies an average of 500gms of Garden Mate with cow or horse manure to all roses. A second application of Garden Mate was applied after the spring flowering. The result has been remarkable. Despite a long hot dry summer and a big wet at the end of March, the vigorous growth and healthy, dark green glossy foliage of the rose bushes, shrubs and climbers were the best I have ever grown, whilst the size, colour and fragrance of the spring and autumn blooms were magnificent. But best of all, there has been no need to use fungicides over the past six months. There were some outbreaks of black spot and powdery mil due in the autumn, but absolutely nothing like what I have experienced in the past. I also observed that the yellowing of new growth on some roses were corrected. I believe that Garden Mate was the key to such a marked improvement in the vigour and health of the roses.   Earthlife is absolutely correct in saying   Healthier soil, Healthier Plants
Annette Russell
I started using Lawn Blend, Garden Delight, Flower Blend and Garden Mate in early 2016 when I was in the process of preparing my garden for the entry in the Toowoomba Carnival of Flowers which is held in September. As this was the first time I’d used these products I wasn’t sure what to expect but testimonials from other gardeners and information I’d heard through the media led me to have high expectations about Earthlife products. As it turned out, I wasn’t to be disappointed. My lawn, which is highlight of the garden, stayed green all through winter, which has never happened before and while overall the winter wasn’t particularly cold, we did experience a number of heavy frosts which in the past years would have browned off the couch grass. Despite over 20,000 visitors trampling over the lawn during the Carnival, I was very impressed that the lawn recovered much more quickly than in the past years and and now it’s looking better than ever. The several thousand annuals I planted for the Carnival competition never looked back and remained healthy and the flowers lasted longer than they ever had before I started using the Earthlife products. As this is only the first year of using Earthlife products I expect that regular future use of the products will result in even better performance from my garden and make my gardening experience a more satisfying and pleasing experience.
Bob Ford
I love their products. When told about them I thought “oh yeah, they all say great things about products just to get you to buy them”. Seeing is believing. They are amazing. You don’t need special products for natives, or the acid loving plants etc. These products are brilliant on everything. I put Garden Mate on my 20yr old camellia’s, to test if it did what they said it did, I put it on only one of the trees and the other another product. Wow what a difference Garden Mate made. I wish I had taken a photo to prove to everyone the difference 3 applications made. I have given 2 applications 7 wks apart on my sick trees. I swear by this product. The difference is amazing. So much new growth and how it has thickened. Wow. In just a short time you notice the change. It turns sand and also clay into beautiful rich worm filled soil. I can’t believe the difference after using the 2 products. Garden Mate and Garden Delight has made on all of my garden. I’m doing the patch test now using Lawn Blend. Can’t wait to see the difference it makes on my sad lawn. This time with photos. I would never have believed it if I hadn’t seen it myself, how great these products have been.   Love these products.
Chris Jones, Caloundra QLD Nov 2016