Broadacre Testimonials

We look forward to hearing about your Earth Life experience. Visit our contact page and tell us your story. The results from spraying my Mung Bean crop with Bud Burst at flowering is more uniform and larger Pods. Each pod held up to 16 uniform seeds and were such a deep rich green colour that I was paid a premium price for them.
Leigh Jahnke, Four Winds, Oakey
Higher yields and higher oil bonuses for sunflower crops resulted from using Earthlife’s soil enhancement system. The soil is a lot more friable and easier to work.
Leigh Jahnke, Four Winds, Oakey
Your sorghum crop recommendation has resulted in a short fallow achieving the same yield as the long fallow. (In our opinion, far better use of stored soil moisture). Since double cropping into barley we have been surprised by the softness of the soil and the fact that there were no wheel tracks in the emerging crop.
Woongabeena, Dalby
The areas where I applied Earthlife’s soil enhancement system and then planted straight into are not showing any signs of stress (minimal – no yellowing) even though the crop has endured continued wet and water logged conditions for over 6 weeks.
Evan Horton, Tara
Since applying your Soil Enhancement System the increased water infiltration has been very noticeable. Even during the Jan – Feb heat wave our sorghum crop held on very well to yield 4.12 ton/ha.
Matt Devine, Roseleigh, Clifton
Your products have enabled my worst paddock that was hard to plough (2” deep) is now much easier to plough (4” – 6” deep, no worries). Crops are looking healthier and appear to handle stress a lot better.
Trevor Fritz, Homehill, Boodua
  Jul-1999 Earthlife’s soil enhancement system has greatly improved the structure of my heavy, hard, black soil blocks resulting in them being easier to work and being far more friable when wet. The other notable fact is the improved infiltration rate when irrigating. Jul-2000 Earthlife products have changed my worst producing cotton block into the highest yielding block this year. Feb-2002 I’m amazed, 13 t/ha of sorghum (5.26 t/ac) during one of the hottest summers.
Nick Adamson, Ellerby, Leyburn