Stubble Mate

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Product Description

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What is it? A ready to use enzymatic ferment that accelerates the breakdown rate of stubble, mulch and other organic materials.

What does it do?

Accelerates the conversion of stubble, clippings, manures, bark, trash, hay and mulch into plant available nutrients. Provides organic acids that degrade cellular structures in natural cycles.
Activates and increases microbial activity as they are the essential link in converting organic matter into humus and readily available plant nutrients.

Where and when to use it?

Use on all types of organic materials and where organic matter needs to be converted to plant available nutrients. (eg: crop or pasture stubble, sugar cane trash, sorghum stubble, cotton trash, tree clippings and orchard mulch.

Spray all crop residues after harvest, as this will reduce the available food source for pathogens (disease).

How often do you use it?

As often as necessary to maintain expeditious break down of the organic materials.

Application Rates

Rates vary from 1-6 lt/ha depending on crop residues and/or types of organic materials to be treated. Refer product label.

Ordering and Packaging

Available through Earthlife Resellers & Distributors. For your nearest store, call 1800 819 003.

Other Important Information

Best results are achieved when sprayed on crop residues immediately after harvest.

Has the ability to perform under adverse (hot, dry, cold) conditions.

Safe for use around waterways and all wildlife.

Use normal safety precautions when spraying.

The role micro-organisms play



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