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Product Description

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A non-leachable, 100% natural Soil and Plant Conditioner containing plant available silica, minerals, trace elements and beneficial soil micro-flora.

What does it do?

Generally: promotes healthier, more robust root systems and stronger thicker stem growth (reduces lodging) on all plants. Provides organically complexed acids for enhanced cellular nutrition. Increases the utilisation of irrigation and rainfall more efficiently. Improves nutrient availability (including applied fertilisers) to the plant, even under harsh conditions.

Clay Soils: loosens all clay soils. Provides better moisture penetration, softer soil, improves nutrient availability and reduces the effects of waterlogging.

Sandy Soils: binds sand particles together in sandy soils, which reduces nutrient leaching and improves moisture availability.

Where and when to use it?

On all soils, where crops struggle to reach their full potential. Apply as soon as possible after harvest. Note: Full benefits are seldom realised when applied within 4-6 weeks of planting.

How often do you use it?

As often as necessary, depends on your soil’s condition. Identifiable through soil testing and crop performance.
Application Rates Rates are determined by current soil tests (within last 6 months), Crop History, Yield Expectation and Farming Practices, etc. Please complete a “Soil Profile” form, this is available from distributors.

Ordering and Packaging

Available through Earthlife Resellers & Distributors. For your nearest store, call 1800 819 003.

Other Important Information

Spread, using a moving floor spreader (same as for Gypsum). Replaces the need for Lime, Gypsum or Dolomite. Adjusts soil pH towards neutral and maintains level longer. Will not burn plant foliage or root hairs. Incorporate into the top 100mm only of moist soil.


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